Gay Pride Donation

Now is the time to support the Gay Pride Alliance and the Stop Hate Campaign.

Lesbians Holding Hands

Anyone supporting the cause of the LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Alliance who donates $35 USD or more will receive (5) Hate Free Zone Magnets, (1) Pride Bandana, (1) Pride Bracelet, (1) Pride Bumper Sticker, and (1) Rainbow Flag as our way of saying thank you.

Important Tax Information: According to IRS Publication 526, you can only deduct the amount of a contribution that is over the fair market value of your donation. The fair market value of the items you receive is valued at $35 USD and therefore is non-deductable.

Included with your Donation to the Gay Pride Alliance in the amount of $35 USD or more -

5 ∙ Hate Free Zone Magnets ∙ 3 in x 3 in
1 ∙ Pride Bandana ∙ 22 in x 22 in
1 ∙ Pride Bracelet ∙ Unisex
1 ∙ Pride Bumper Sticker ∙ 3 in x 6 in
1 ∙ Rainbow Flag ∙ 36 in x 60 in

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